Founded in 1920, the Thai Nordic Association serves the Thai-Nordic community in Thailand and is an officially registered association, with an entirely volunteer-run board of directors.

The objectives of the Association are the following:

  • To act as a union between Thai and Nordic People living in Thailand
  • To organize social activities
  • To organize sports and leisure activities for members
  • To disseminate information of Nordic countries
  • To give advice and guidance to Nordics living in Thailand
  • To support and cooperate with other Nordic Associations, Churches, and Commercial Chambers in Thailand
  • Do not operate in any political way
  • To possess ownership or any rights over immovable properties and any other kinds of properties, including to utilize and/or transact in any means in accordance with the objectives of the Association

The Board of directors:
  • Lasse Stålung – Chairman
  • Kim Alexandersen – Vice Chairman
  • Filip Wallberg – Treasurer
  • Knut Hauslo – Secretary
  • Alexander Wetterling
  • Thordur Adalsteinsson – Media Director
  • Wichien Harnpraween – Legal Counsel

Substitute Director:           

  • Henrik Riis – Golf Section
  • Flemming Kruhøffer
  • Kunnuda Wallberg

Advisors Director:           

  • Horst Wiezorrek – Event Manager
  • Eid Alexandersen – Culture Ambassador
  • Gregers Moller – Auditor
  • Jan Lund – Substitute Auditor
  • Jorma Manninen – Nordic Chambers

Our Contact information :
Contact details are here at Contact us.

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