Welcome to New Golfers

Thank you for coming to this page, we are excited to see that you are considering or maybe even decided to start to play golf. Below we will share some information that hopefully will help you decide and as give you a few tips along the way to becoming a Happy Golfer.

Despite the believe, GOLF is a sport for everyone and we mean everyone, it is probably the only sport in which you can compete (if you want to) based on your actual skills fairly against people at lower or higher skills.

Golf is also a very good way of exercising, as you burn calories every time you swing the club ether on the driving range or on the Golf course. Did you know that during normal game of Golf you get to burn between 500 – 1,000 Calories depending you use a Golf Buggy or walk all the way.

By playing Golf you will also be able to enjoy a wonderful day in great outdoors, all Golf courses are big green areas with plenty of wild life, like birds, small animals, lizards etc. You also get the chance to spend 4-5 hours with your best friends and if you join the Thai Nordic Golf Society a lot of great Thai and Nordic people residing or visiting Thailand.

Great, you got this far in the text, let us now talk about how to get started.

We recommend that you find a GolfPro to give you some basic lessons, when selecting a GolfPro we recommend that you find a GolfPro that have a personality that you like as it have to be a fun training.

You can find GolfPro’s either through your exiting Golf friends, on the Internet and at the driving ranges, teaching academies and some of the Golf Clubs. You can find a basic list of Driving Ranges and Teaching academies at the below of this page. Some of the GolfPro’s offer first lessons for free and you can find promotions out there so look around and ask.

Buying your first set off Clubs, we recommend to borrow a set from a friend to start with (all golfers have a extra set or maybe 2 or 3 extra set.) If you buy a set, we suggest to buy a used one a low cost one, the reason is that if you get addicted to Golf you will soon find that you need a new Golf set and is also why you can borrow one from your friend.

Practice, Practice, Practice is the only way forward, depending on your availability it does not always have to be with your GolfPro, he can give you some things learn which you can practice by yourself.

Beginning to play and get a feel, some driving ranges and Golf courses have a Par 3 course, which is a great way to start to get a feel for real Golf, if you want to play a Golf course we suggest you go with a friend who can walk you through things and ensure you get to know the inns and out, if your friend is not available the GolfPro will also go with you. You don’t need to worry about your skills and not matching up to other players in the beginning and there is Golf courses that are beginner friendly both in terms of money paid as well as the staff are very understanding for new players, we have listed some of the below. 

If you find some along the way, please also share with us.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


Driving ranges near to Bangkok

Par3 golf Srinakarin (search Google) they also have a small par 3 course.

Tee Off 42 (Sukumvit)Website TeeOff42

All Star Driving RangeAllStar Website

Phothalai Golf Phothalai Website

Thana City Driving rangeThana City Website

Golf courses near to Bangkok

That are easy access for beginners in Bangkok (close and relative cheap and does not require membership)

Bangna Navy GolfNavy Golf Website

Unico Grande Golf CourseUnico Grande Website


We listen

If you think there is other facilities that should listed here, kindly e-mail [email protected]