Dear TNGS/SSS Members

 Please note deadline for submitting details is 6th September 2020

We had some misunderstanding with TGA that let to SSS Golf members not being able to login to TGA server. I am sorry to inform you that those of you who have TGA (Thailand Golf Association) Handicap membership through SSS have been blocked to accessing the server.


The reason is that SSS cannot continue as a society (group) member of TGA meaning we have to transfer all members under SSS to individual members, in this process I made communication mistake which unfortunately resulted in deleting the access and history of all members. TGA will work on getting this recovered but before they do so they would only do for members who still reside in Thailand and want to continue as direct member of TGA.


For those of you who want to continue as individual TGA member, please send me a e-mail with following information as we need to provide this for your direct registration.

Please note the annual Fee will be 360 baht (Same as paid under SSS)


TGA ID. No.   

First Name     

Last Name       




Postal code    

Email address


I will keep you updated on the progress.


Have a great weekend and I look forward to see Golfers joining the Wissen & Co Ltd Cup 2020 tomorrow.

Best Regards

Henrik Friis
Golf Captain
Thai Nordic Golf Society
Mobile: +66 90 651 0350
E-mail: [email protected]