Dear TNGS/SSS Members

We got a few questions concerning Handicaps used at TNGS tournaments.

We would like to remind all TNGS Golfers that

  • All players in our events are amateurs and although some of them play golf a lot, the performance goes up/down, that is even a fact for the Touring Pro.

  • We do not play for big sums of money, but mostly for the honor so we expect TNGS Golfers to be honorable.

  • The No. Rule at TNGS is All Participants must have fun and enjoy the Game.

  • Captains and organizers will do their their best to ensure fair games over the season, but we need the help from each individual to ensure the help to declare a current valid and fair handicap towards other members, otherwise rule 1 is broken.

  • We are all amateurs so please do not make the handicap a major discussion. We are there to have fun.

We want to emphasize that it not required to be a TGA member to play in SSS/TNGS although most people are in order to track their own performance and those we know of only key in low cards and not the ones on a bad day as they want to reflect true potential / ability.

Our hope is that we all can help each other in a nice way to ensure a proper official handicap where we get fair winners as we also have to remember we all have bad days as well as great days on the golf courses.

In our guidelines we say that Captains will have the right to monitor and adjust Handicaps kindly respect that as it will be a fair judgement by the Captains in a majority agreement.

If you have any concerns on your Handicap please discuss with your country team Captain (not the senior Captain) as they are responsible to ensure that players on their own team as well agree to Handicaps with the other teams.

You can read more about our intended rules and guideline on Handicaps here and you are welcome to discuss with your country Team Captain if you have any suggestions

Best Regards

Captains Team
Thai Nordic Golf Society
Mobile: +66 90 651 0350
E-mail: [email protected]