On August 8, we started early from Khun Pan’s house. Khun Annie had provided the van and goodies for the trip.

Six of us are on our way to Nakorn Rachasrima, making our first stop at Suranari Sub-District Administration Organization to donate 10 wheelchairs for the disabled. One of the boys was born with a defect in both hands and legs. He was so happy to receive the wheelchair.

Together we gave 10 fans from the donations of Khun Tai’ friend who had received these fans when his mother was cremated.

After that, we went on our way to Surin.

On August 9, we left the hotel for our first stop at Weerawatyothin School. We interviewed 20 students who will receive our scholarships. The school had prepared a warm welcome for us. We were impressed by all the students who told us that they would like to return to their hometown and work there after completing their education.

Then we headed to Surin Association for the Blind to donate another 10 wheelchairs. One of them was a disabled boy who was passionate about playing rugby. He is now a member of the Thai national team and had just participated in a competition in Indonesia.
A woman had lost both her legs when a drunk man hit her when she was only 5 years old!

Two of the wheelchair users who were unable to pick up the wheelchairs, we decided to drive to their homes.
One boy [man] of 30 was born normal, but got sick as a child and had never had proper treatment and never owned a wheelchair. When he saw the wheelchair, he immediately jumped on it and was overjoyed!

The 6 of us enjoyed the trip because we got to see the faces of the people we helped in one way or another. And we got to see the countryside. We got to see how people live and help each other.

And we have fun and find time to make a cultural tour. On this trip we found a “hidden gem”.

A village called “Moo Baan Tasawang.” It is a silk weaving village with golden crafts imported from India. It was quite amazing to see 3 weavers helping each other at a loom on the second floor of the house and another person sitting underneath, checking the patterns with bamboo sticks!

And we learn that it was they who made the clothes for King Rama 9th as he celebrated his 60 years on the throne! And the ceremony of King Rama 10th on the day he became king!

Article by our Thai Nordic Association Culture Ambassador Eid Alexandersen volunteering with ISGF