The first round of negotiations for the free-trade agreement between EFTA and Thailand started on the 28th June.

The Parties foresee to conclude a broad-based and mutually beneficial free trade agreement covering all areas of trade. The agreement will aim to reflect modern international developments in trade, including in the areas of sustainable development and electronic commerce.

The first round of negotiations will take place on 28-30 June 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand.

EFTA is a group of countries with high potential. It has advanced technology and innovation, and enjoys longstanding friendly relations with Thailand in all dimensions. In recent years, Thailand has been preparing for this negotiation. We listened to the views of all stakeholders, including the public, businesses, academia, farmers and civil society. We found that everyone strongly supports having an FTA with EFTA.” says Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, Mr Jurin Laksanawisit.




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