A very good, late, evening to all of you from Norway (or rather a very good, early, morning in Thailand)

Anne and myself are living in a quite nice apartment just beside, and with the balcony above the water. Enjoying boats coming and leaving, and seabird in abundance just beneath us.

Then, in the evening, since we are never looking TV, we  go for other pass time activities. As for example tonight looking at some picture of birds captured  today, and thinking about what they are called in the languages most familiar to me.

Svane (n) is easy, swan (eng), Schwan (ger) and หงส์ (hong – th)

But what about the “ærfugl” in Norw, that is eider (eng) and Eiderente (ger)

The brown female has soft down feathers used in duvets and pillows.

Since I had no idea about the Thai name I googled it!

Translating from Nor and Eng it was: เหมือนกัน (mueangan = similar too/same same)

Then translating from German the result was:

เป็ดเหมือนกัน – petmueangan, sinilar to duck. That was quite ckear to me, however, to how many Thais? No meaning in wondering about that. Now I’m ready for a good sleep in our bed with duvets and pillows filled with downs from the similar to duck birds. Ratrisawat/ราตรีสวัสดิ์

Knut & Anne