Hey awesome people! We heard your cries for fresh TNA polos, and let us tell you, we are ready to TAKE ORDERS!

Get ready to rock the classic blue with a snazzy white stripe on the collar and sleeves. This ain’t your grandpa’s polo, this is the Polo Dry X Nano™ with DRY Technology – basically, it’ll keep you looking sharp and feeling cool, no matter how hot things get.

Think of it like a superhero cape… for your upper body. This bad boy uses fancy two-layer weaving to wick away sweat faster than a cheetah on a treadmill. It’s lighter than cotton, dries quicker, and trust us, it’ll feel AMAZING on those sweltering days.

Plus, it’s got this cool grid pattern on the back that keeps things formal and sleek. Basically, this polo is the Michael Jordan of polos – it does it all, and looks good doing it.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Benefits: Comfy, lightweight, sweat-absorbing, breathable, and it fights odor-causing bacteria. Basically, it’s got your back (and your front).
  • Price: 500 THB (S-XL) / 550 THB (2XL-4XL)
  • How to order: Send email to [email protected] and let us know how many and what size.

Heads up! We’re still gearing up, so we’re taking pre-orders to build up our stock. The first batch of these awesome polos will be ready for you in about 20 days, and then after that it’ll only be 2-3 days for fresh threads to hit your doorstep!

So, ditch the sad, old polos and snag yourself a TNA masterpiece! You deserve it.
See the Photos and Sizes below.