Dear fellow members and friends of Scandinavian Society Siam

A very special happy new year to you all.

Special because this year our association turns 100 years the 5th of March. The day we will celebrate with companions and friends in Nai Lert in Bangkok. I am really looking forward to seeing you all there.

I was elected new Chairman and board member for this association in April 2019, and the board and I have been working hard on delivering events and activities for our members. And I will say, some periods way too hard, but we have an excellent team.

Because we are a registered association with given rules and regulations there are really steep demands by law, for operating an association like Scandinavian Society Siam. On the 6th of January we had the certificate in hand, for being able to handle our bank business in a proper way, and Monday 20th January we will be able to access our funds. Which of course, has given many cashflow problems when we are doing our best for planning events, etc.

But now we are on track, and our budget shows us that we are going to be able to handle our business and our 100 years anniversary. Right now, we have over a million Baht on our account, but according to the regulations, we can ONLY withdraw 400.000 a month. So, we will still have to be careful about how we deal with our cash flow, but it will work.

I will say thanks to members, sponsors, our lawyer Wissen, the Nordic chambers, churches, and suppliers, for being patient in this very difficult transition period. And a special thanks to my team, for doing the impossible possible, even without any kind of compensation.

We have decided to extend the early bird from the 15th of January to the end of January, for the same reasons.

So, let’s party like it is the beginning of our new century at Nai Lert 5th March.

We have the very talented Norwegian (Nordic) opera singer Adrian Angelico singing for us and the very professional and powerful Swing King band playing up for a lot of fun on the dance floor.

See you all there!

Many greetings
Lasse Stålung