The Nordic Christmas Service in Christ Church in Bangkok was a nice beginning of our Christmas celebration, and this year we were joined by the Finnish community. Around 200 Nordic and thai people participated.

The Service was partly in Nordic languages and partly in English, conducted by the Swedish Pastor Erik, the Finnish Pastor Jyrki, and the Danish Pastor Christa.

The Liturgy of the Service was the following:

  • Welcome- by Jyrki
  • Swedish hymn: Nu tændes tusind julelys
  • Opening Prayer – by Erik
  • Swedish folk music by Thore
  • Reading: Jesaja 9, 1-7 (in Icelandic and Norwegian)
  • Music by Yasmin and Jakob
  • Norwegian hymn: Det hev ei rose sprungen
  • Gospel reading: Luk. 2, 1-14 (in Swedish, Finnish and Danish)
  • English hymn: Silent night
  • Sermon – in English by Christa
  • Music by Yasmin and Jakob
  • The Creed – by Erik
  • Danish hymn: Dejlig er jorden
  • Swedish folk music by Thore
  • Collect & The Lord’s Prayer – by Erik
  • Blessing – by Erik
  • English hymn: Hark the herald angel sing
  • Postludium by Yasmin and Jakob

After the service, we, Scandinavian Society Siam together with Conrads Deli, served “æbleskiver and gløgg” inside the congregation house. This was really a welcomed pleasure as everyone could sit down in a temperated room and enjoy the fellowship with the other churchgoers. Participants we asked expressed a very positive attitude about serving and the opportunity to stay indoors.

Many greetings
Lasse Stålung