Dear fellow members and friends of Scandinavian Society Siam

The Christmas Holiday is coming soon, and we are all busy with our private preparations for the holidays.

For the last 8 months, the board has been working hard on the two major events, the Crayfish party in September, which was a huge success, and our centennial celebration on March 5th, 1920.

Further, we have been working on cooperation on social activities with the Nordic Chambers and other Nordic and national groups, who can benefit our common members and friends. We are going for the next 100 years also, and believe the only way is to strengthen the cooperation’s between the many Nordic groups, which has unique agendas supporting their members.

So, you should expect more and more activities, where our members are welcomed at other Nordic groups event and vice versa, as you have seen for the two last months.

We have had a Successful Crayfish Party, we joined the Danish Chamber and Danes Worldwide Seminar on Family Unification and Pension, the Swedish Chamber had a 30 years Anniversary party, and we have been welcomed and participated in several Christmas events with the Danish Church and the Nordic Business Chambers.

The Christmas Bazaar was a joyful event for big and small, with a lot of guests from around the world. The Danish and Norwegian Christmas Lunches were also – as always – successes, and the Swedish Chambers Christmas Lunch is upcoming this Saturday, December 14th. And today the Danish Chamber has a trip to Royal Copenhagen in Ayutthaya.

On Christmas eve the Scandinavian Society Siam is sponsoring “Juleskålen”, with “Æbleskiver and Gløg” delivered by Conrads Deli at the Scandian Churches Christmas service at Christ Church in Bangkok. A unique and cozy event to start your Christmas celebration, and an opportunity to meet new and old friends. If you want a seat, don’t be late 😉

We have decided to pay the ultimate respect to the founding date of our Society, which was on March 5th, 1920, and have our centennial celebration on March 5th, 2020. It will be the biggest celebration in the 100 years history of all Scandinavians in Thailand. With a beautiful venue and unique entertainment from Scandinavia.

Thursday, March 5th, 2020, is the day when we will dine and dance with old and new members and friends at Nai Lert Park. Nai Lert Park has the perfect surroundings for the anniversary, with a unique and beautiful flower garden with traditional Thai style teakwood houses. The party will take place in the spectacular Glass House.

The theme and dress code for the evening is the 1920 Colonist and Gatsby style.

We have a very special guest from Norway the talented opera singer Adrian Angelico who will sing some Nordic songs for us, to really make us missing our roots before the dance floor is opened for our members and friends.

With “O Holy Night” sung by Adrian Angelico, I wish you all when the time comes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Many greetings
Lasse Stålung