Lasse Stålung, Chairman

Dear fellow members of Scandinavian Society Siam

We are approaching our 100th anniversary at full speed. This is a fantastic and unique achievement, done by many Nordic members and friends who have volunteered their time and resources to make us the Nordic Association we are, for the past 100 years.

It is all of them, current members and our friends as well, that we will celebrate as we turn our first hundred years in 2020. Time and location we will be announced later this year.

The association has a big value for all of us, that we need to protect. This is why it is important, that we all make an effort to create a foundation for the next 100 years recruiting new members and develop new ways to use and enjoy our unique association for the next 100 years.

I myself have been very happy to be a member for almost eight years, and through this association, I have had many a good experience and made several good friends and contacts of which I have great pleasure.

We cooperate, as much as it is possible, with the Nordic Chambers of Commerce around social gatherings, that we all can build on. The Chambers of Commerce have the important task of creating business for Thailand and the individual Nordic countries, while our task is of a more social nature, across the Nordic residents and friends in Thailand. This is also why our association’s membership fee is symbolically low, so everybody can participate.

Soon we will meet at our annual Crayfish Party, which is a brand in itself. A cozy and fun evening, where you have the chance to brush up your dancing skills, or – if you wish – just enjoy the fun with good friends.

There are still limited seats left, so bring colleagues, family, and friends and join the party in good old Nordic manners.

Many greetings
Lasse Stålung